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Criminal Lawyer

Consultation with a Criminal Lawyer in Dubai

Having criminal charges in Dubai can be a stressful and overpowering experience. NevoLegal-The legal consultant in UAE is here to help. We offer confidential consultations with experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai, conveniently conducted over the phone or via Zoom meetings.

How it Works:

  1. Schedule Your Consultation: Easily schedule your 30-minute consultation through our secure online service order page. Briefly describe your situation and any relevant details.

  2. Connect with a Lawyer: Our team will carefully review your information and match you with a qualified criminal lawyer specializing in your specific case type.

  3. Confidential Consultation: Your dedicated lawyer will discuss your case details, answer your questions, and provide initial legal advice. This is your opportunity to understand your options and explore potential defense strategies.

  4. Next Steps: Following your consultation, the lawyer will outline clear next steps. You can choose to retain their services for ongoing representation or continue independently based on their guidance.

Service Description:

Our 30-minute consultation allows you to:

  • Briefly explain your situation and the criminal charges you are facing.
  • Discuss relevant details and evidence pertaining to your case.
  • Understand the potential legal implications and consequences.
  • Learn about your legal rights and options for defense.
  • Ask questions and receive clear and concise legal advice.

Service: Online / Telephonic Consultation

Duration: 30 Minutes

Price: AED 300

What’s Included:

  • Consultation with a qualified Dubai criminal lawyer specializing in your case type.
  • 30 minutes of dedicated legal guidance and initial strategy discussion.
  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive expert legal insights.

What’s Excluded:

  • In-depth case analysis or legal research.
  • Detailed legal representation or strategy development.
  • Long-term legal services or ongoing case management.


Your consultation will last approximately 30 minutes. This allows you to explore the core aspects of your case and gain valuable initial legal guidance.

Schedule Your Consultation Today:

Don’t face criminal charges alone. Schedule your confidential consultation with a Dubai criminal lawyer today. Looking for top lawyers in Dubai? Our team is here to provide the support and guidance you need to navigate this challenging situation.

Additional Information:

  • Our consultations are confidential, and your privacy is of utmost importance to us.
  • We understand that time is of the essence in criminal cases. We strive to connect you with a lawyer as quickly as possible.
  • Following your consultation, you can choose to retain the lawyer’s services for a competitive fee (rates vary depending on the lawyer and case complexity).

Why Choose

  • Experienced Lawyers: We connect you with highly qualified and experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai.
  • Convenience and Speed: Schedule your consultation easily online and connect with a lawyer quickly.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our consultations offer an affordable way to access initial legal advice.
  • Confidentiality and Security: We ensure all the consultations are confidential.

Take control of your situation and schedule your consultation today. Let connect you with the best criminal lawyer Dubai expertise you need to address your criminal charges in UAE.